There are two transcending monsters in the History of Art, Leonardo Da Vince and Vincent Van Gogh. I might want to draw an examination between these two specialists in order to all the more likely comprehend their work.

Leonardo is a figure of the Renaissance while Van Gogh is from the late nineteenth Century. Nonetheless, these two extraordinary men have a lot to bring to the table us today in manners that are basically the same as one another. Above all else the two men are exceptionally direct in their way to deal with craftsmanship.

Leonardo consistently had his sketchbook with him in order to snatch pictures rapidly while he was about. These representations structure the reason for the endeavor of the entirety of his extraordinary works. One just needs to take a gander at he Adoration of the Magi or his Cartoon of the Virgin and St. Anne to quickly get a handle on his arrangement and utilization of line. Leonardo’s grip of line was for undeniably in excess of a drafting ability to set-up a canvas, rather his drawings are articulation of his center sentiments and considerations about his subjects and he passes on about this in his compositions.

Van Gogh also utilizes his drawings in his work, nonetheless, dissimilar to Leonardo, Van Gogh would paint straightforwardly on the material without the utilization of any drawings. This isn’t to lessen his drawings, rather, it is to exhibit the brain of Van Gogh. In the event that you look and any of his drawings you know at the same time that everything in the drawing is the subject. Van Gogh can incorporate together all that he sees and put them down in writing. Certain drawings of his are remarkable to such an extent that it is hard to take a gander at them and get them. In a similar way Leonardo’s drawings of wind and water are show-stoppers that are hard to see however the message of the drawings shout to you.

With respect to the paints of the two bosses the two of them and very surprising methodologies. Leonardo needed to pass on the scene or occasion that has been mentioned of him, while Vincent wanted to pass on any scene. Van Gogh needed to articulate his thoughts through his works of art and frequently that implies that they are extremely dynamic and not effectively delivered as pictures of scenes or occasions. The critical distinction among Leonardo and Van Gogh is that the later work throbs and shows power. Leonardo then again utilized extremely unobtrusive tones and strokes to deliver his craft. The two men are altogether different in their way to deal with workmanship yet the two of them offer us exactly the same thing and that is the disclosure of the inward awareness at work inside us and made show through their craft.