In this article I would like to describe the difference between a Professional SEO Plan and individual submission moves packages and link building services which you find on the internet and can purchase online.

The main difference between those services cheap monthly seo plan is when you purchase a SEO plan from a good SEO company you will get professional advice and guidelines to improve traffic to your website. Keyword research is also a major importance and is included in most search engine optimization packages.

SEO companies will do similar things compared to ready link building packages or directory submission services. However there are some major differences as the SEO company works to achieve results in search engines , involving selecting quality directories with high approval rate and submit your site manual one by one. Link building is done by Google Webmaster guidelines to avoid penalization of your website.

Ready packages which you can purchase online for $60 USD or less are mostly completed with automatic software and the submitters do not really like quality or approval rate. They just submit like robots that’s why they are hired. As a result you will receive many rejections and poor quality work with no results.

When you search in Google you may find cheap link building offers which promise 10 or more high PR4 back links to your website for a low sum of money. They try to sell this as a manual link building service, however most of these links are purchased on dropped areas which still show PAGE RANK in Google toolbar. Another bad thing about these links is that they are paid links which is contrary to the Google guidelines and can get your website reprimanded by Google or completely removed. Advertising and marketing to avoid services like this as it will influence your ranking in a wrong way.

A good SEO will make a professional plan, implement the correct strategy to succeed and create results for your business. There is much more involved then only submitting and creating links for your website, choosing the right ones and keeping the bad ones out is of major importance.

In general a full SEO plan is much more effective and is more work compared to individual submission packages located on the Internet. When you have chosen a company you will notice that there is a lot of research required to make your campaign work. Creating monthly reports and list everything what is done is intensive work and provides the client some insight what bigger paid for.

When you require a successful search engine marketing campaign for your online business hire a professional and stay away from cheap submission and link building services.

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